Distance München (Germany) München Vienna Distance, Miles and Kilometer Vienna (Austria)

München to Vienna

Air line (approximately)

221 Miles

356 Kilometer
192 Nautical Miles

Flight Time / Flight Duration Calculator

Example Airplane Supposed avarage speed Approximated flight duration
Cessna 172 P: Flight Time / Flight Duration Calculator From München To Vienna Cessna 172 P 200 km/h 1 hours 46 minutes
Airbus A320: Approximated flight duration To Vienna Airbus A320 800 km/h 0 hours 26 minutes
Example Airplane From München: Airbus A380 Airbus A380 945 km/h 0 hours 22 minutes


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How far is it from München to Vienna?

The calculated distance (air line) between München and Vienna is approximately 221 Miles respectively 356 Kilometer.