Distance Nanchong Lima

Bee line
Nanchong to Lima

Air line (approximately)

11,127 Miles

17,906 Kilometer
9,662 Nautical Miles

How far is it from Nanchong to Lima?

The calculated distance (air line) between Nanchong and Lima is approximately 11,127 Miles respectively 17,906 Kilometer.

Nanchong to Lima
Flight Time / Flight Duration Calculator

Example Airplane & Estimated average speed Estimated duration of the flight
Hot Air Balloon: <strong>Flight Time</strong> / Flight Duration Calculator From Nanchong To Lima

Hot Air Balloon

50 km/h
358 hour(s),
6 minute(s)
<strong>Flight Time</strong> / Flight Duration Calculator Cessna 172 P

Cessna 172 P

200 km/h
89 hour(s),
31 minute(s)
Airbus A320: Estimated duration of the flight To Lima

Airbus A320

800 km/h
22 hour(s),
22 minute(s)
Example Airplane From Nanchong: Airbus A380

Airbus A380

945 km/h
18 hour(s),
56 minute(s)
Spaceship: Speed of Light To Lima


Speed of Light
0.06 Seconds
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Time Difference & Current local time

Time Difference

-13 hours