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Car: Driving Time From Ethiopia To Eritrea


Driving Time

Bee line: Ethiopia to Eritrea

Air line (approximately)

420 Miles

675 Kilometer
364 Nautical Miles

Flight Time / Flight Duration Calculator
Ethiopia to Eritrea

Example Airplane & Estimated average speed Estimated duration of the flight
Hot Air Balloon: Flight Time / Flight Duration Calculator From Ethiopia To Eritrea

Hot Air Balloon

50 km/h
13 hour(s),
30 minute(s)
Flight Time / Flight Duration Calculator Cessna 172 P

Cessna 172 P

200 km/h
3 hour(s),
22 minute(s)
Airbus A320: Estimated duration of the flight To Eritrea

Airbus A320

800 km/h
50 minute(s)
Example Airplane From Ethiopia: Airbus A380

Airbus A380

945 km/h
42 minute(s)
Spaceship: Speed of Light To Eritrea


Speed of Light
0.002 Seconds
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Distance: How far is it from Ethiopia to Eritrea?

The calculated distance (air line) between Ethiopia and Eritrea is approximately 420 Miles respectively 675 Kilometer.

Ethiopia: Neighbouring Countries

339 Kilometer
666 Kilometer
1,030 Kilometer
918 Kilometer
634 Kilometer
South Sudan
837 Kilometer