Distance Wan Chai Central

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Travel Time

By feet To Central

By feet

Car: Driving Time From Wan Chai To Central


Driving Time

Bee line: Wan Chai to Central

Air line (approximately)

1 Miles

1 Kilometer
1 Nautical Miles

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Distance: How far is it from Wan Chai to Central?

The calculated distance (air line) between Wan Chai and Central is approximately 1 Miles respectively 1 Kilometer.

Wan Chai: Distance to the largest cities of Hong Kong

Tsuen Wan
11 Kilometer
Yuen Long Kau Hui
22 Kilometer
Tung Chung
18 Kilometer
Sha Tin
11 Kilometer
Tuen Mun
20 Kilometer
Tai Po
19 Kilometer
Sai Kung
14 Kilometer